The original prototype of Guillotine was created in 2015 for Ludum Dare 33. But now the time has come and I want to create a full game. This is why I remade evething, every code, every pixel. This is just the beginning.

In the middle of XIV century, someone has cut and stolen the executioner´s head! He is still alive and he wants his head BACK!

Control the headless executioner, kill your enemies and steal their heads and powers. This is puzzle platformer game where you will have to use your head (or others heads!).

This game is located in the Basque Country and we will try to show some respect to our folklore  and myths.

Ibai Aizpurua - Progammer and Artist

Gonzalo Sardón - Music


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Check point please

The second guillotine is a checkpoint when you use it. Thanks your time and for your feedback! We apreciate it A LOT!

I got irritated and ended up closing the game when I couldn't jump a big space with spikes and the game completely restarted, I really liked the game

Yeah, may be it is a little bit to hard from the beginning. If you have enoght time, check again in few days ;)