Game made for Global Game Jam 2018. Use your mad scientist skills to control Erraldoi 2000, your giant metal abomination. Pilot Erraldoi to crush the modern Society. But be careful! It won't be easy.

Programmer: Iñaki Vazquez

2D Artist: Ibai Aizpurua

Music: Gonzalo Sardon


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aaaaaaaaa that's awesome!

Thank you very much!! :D


This is one of the coolest things I've played in recent memory.
The robot, Erraldoi 2000, has a very simple design, but has carved a place in my heart.

The info screen was too confusing for my taste yet ironically, figuring out the mechanics through play was a true joy of discovery. Every time I uttered "What does this do again?" was followed by a "woa this is so cool!".
Really fun, would love to see a more refined update; it's a few tweaks away from being a must-play.

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Thank you very much for playing and to take your time to write this comment!! You cant Imagine how awesome is your comment for us! I plan to make a more polished version of this game (with a real level design) but my programmer is too lazy. Sooner or later I will update this game. we have just made a new game for GGJ2019 called RED PANTS.  Check this ;)


Love the general concept of this :D playing the character inside the robot is a mechanic I love. Also the art and music are so cool, I guess there could have been a bit mor variety in the map and building wise, but at the same time it gives that old super generic movie feeling kind of thing. Anyway I loved this, keep up the good work! 

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Thank you very much TayF. Yeah the concept is need but it needs a real update and better level design. I plan to make an update soon. Meanwhile you can play our new game :

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahaha Great Game!

Thank you very much fr your time!!! :D


MECANICHALLY AWESOME (audio loop still on my mind)

Yeah the Music of Gonzalo Sardon is pretty awesome, I think that he nailed with this theme. I remember when we called him explaning the idea of the game he sais "Cool! I will use some apocalyptic bells" Hahahaha Yeah the mechanics are fun but the game needs a serious update!