This game was made for GMTK Game Jam 2021 by Ibai Aizpurua (code, game design, graphics, sounds and music!)

After the game jam I am updating and trying to make this game better thanks to the really nice feedback I get from this great commutity.

Gather pink creatures to fight against yellow evil forces from your comodity of your desktop.

"Arroxa" is an action stop motion game made with craft materials and humor.

I used Construct 3 to create this game.

Arroxa got 60th position in general category and 16th position in presentation category in GMTK Game Jam 2021 from 5883 games! NOT BAD!


Download 153 MB
Download 169 MB
Download 159 MB

Development log


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Ez dakizu zenbat kosta zaidan bukaerara iristea! Oso ona! Hurrengoaren zain


Mila esker zure pazaientziagatik Ibai!! Ez da erreza ez. Uste dut Arroxari oraindik buelta batzuk emango dizkiodala..

Aha, this looks so cute 'n' lovely. Any chance there's a downloadable version?

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Thanks you so much :) Yeah, you are right! I will upload a downloadable version.

When i use the arrow key it keeps scrolling down the page 😭

(2 edits)

To avoid that you have 2 options

- Play full screen (there is a botton in the right corner)

- Use WASD like a real gamer! XD even if there isn't that explanation they work and they are more confortable ;) I put arrows to make it friendlier...

Haha thankyou sm, lovely game btw


The end actually scared me! XD Great game btw

WOW! You are one of them! THANKS for you time!! I think that i made it a little bit hard. A few days ago I made it slightly easier changing some enemies and adding more pink people. What do you think? Should I make it easier? or just add more levels and content?

I think it needs more content, I didnt find it hard, I think it has a nice level of difficulty and challenge. I think you shouldnt make it easier, but add more stuff to levels, like new ways of playing it, new challenges, new enemy types (with different behaviors), this kind of stuff. Ah, and it would be nice to see more player forms as you pick up way too much pink people.

Adorable and slightly horrifying, the visuals are absolutely lovely and it's wonderfully charming, great work!

Thanks you so much! Horrifying?! Why!? Ok, may be to create a big blob with eyes is not a common theme XD

Thanks again! 

Zoragarria da! Estilo grafikoa asko gustatzen zait, ederra eta berritzailea. Oso lan ona! :)

Mila esker Jon! Grafiko arruntetatik ateratzen saiatu naiz era gogo asko neuzkan fieltroa eta eskulanetako begitxoak erabiltzeko. Mila esker hartu duzun denboragatik!

Cool! Nice game!

Beautiful!! loved the concept, the art, the gameplay and the sounds!! amazing, the only problem is the lack of checkpoints, or maybe i am just to bad at videogames lol. 

Oh and fun fact "arroxa" in Brasil is a slang for lets go, or something like it haha

omggggg! so cute so good.

THANKS you very MUCH!! 😁

The hitboxes of the Dices etc are a bit scuffed but otherwise a great game

Thanks! They suck! I will change them when I can. Thanks for your time!